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Behind the Scenes look at the shooting of Force Serf #02
Rainy weather is so romantic and helps picking up women :) Everyone needs somebody to love when it rains, don't u think? And if u are good at lying, u can easily get sexy angels. For example, take a look at the playgirl in this movie. I told her I was goung to open a cafe nearby and offered to show her the place, which would make her the first visitor in a way. Pickup babes love that. The cutie liked the fact that I had money, and that hottie wanted me to spend it on her. So this hottie didn't mind..
What's more good on a cold Spanish day then a good fuck out in the open? It's cold sufficiently to keep her nipples rock hard the entire time. We love that. We love Angel too. This Babe's a mysterious chick that came to this homeland looking for a fresh life. We said her we could provide a brand fresh life, but merely if this playgirl was ready to fuck one of us outside in public. Despairing times call for despairing measures no? We took her out and about and that playgirl loved the attention. This..
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